"Free" Artwork
"Free" Artwork

"Free" Artwork


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"Free" is actually from my senior year in high school. Before I started this painting, I knew I wanted to paint a child, boy or girl. Finally, I found a reference of a young boy who had the smile of freedom. Painting this wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I ran into multiple problems with the shading of his face and even making him look "girly". Instead of focusing on the literal tones of his skin and gender, I used the colors of his aura, sky blues, carnation pink,and everything in between. It was a groundbreaking moment for my art, because I no longer wanted to be accurate according to social labels in my work. I decided then, to catch the energy that lives within the soul of my subject. This is one of my most beloved paintings and now I can finally share it with you! 

25.00-Art Poster Print: printed on high quality archival photo paper. The lustre surface has a satin-like finish. 

175.00-Canvas Prints: 100% Acid free cotton archival quality base. Museum quality canvas. No additives. No agents. Strong and stable hand stretched canvas frame bars.

2,000.00-Original Painting: Oil Paint on strong and stable hand stretched canvas frame bars.

All pieces are signed by me.