Dashiki Dress

THE LONG AWAITED FOR " MIND OF KYE" PROM DRESS HAS ARRIVED!!!!! Kyemah's self designed dashiki prom dress became an overnight sensation that gained international fame. This is the ONLY place where you will find a one of a kind design by Kyemah McEntyre. The dresses are about 65 inches in length with the option of red or yellow. Features include: MIND OF KYE logo tag, 9 inch invisible pockets, expandable waist, sleeves with zippers, and 3 inch stiff hemline for added flare.

4-6 fits bust size up to 34"
10-12 fits bust size up to 40"
16-18 fits bust size up to 46"

*Dresses are ready to wear, sorry we do not make adjustments or alterations.
*Dresses are made so that customers are able to have their own alterations done. For example: the V neck can be altered by a seamstress.
*Each dress comes with a complimentary tulle while supplies last.
* Suggestion for a fuller look you could sew more tulle to the one provided or find a tulle with more volume.
*The center circle is maroon color instead of red in the plus size yellow dress sizes (16-18).
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