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Suit Jacket Bucket Hat

Suit Jacket Bucket Hat

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Suit jacket reconstructed into a unique bucket hat
Beige and grey neutrals
Pocket feature
Suit Lining
Small = 24 inch Diameter
Medium =  25 inch Diameter
Large/Extra Large  = 26.5 inch Diameter

Zero Waste design method allows garments and fabric to be fully used with no fabric wasted, decreasing textile waste and pollutants that are destroying our earth. 

Sure you've heard of recycling but have you heard of upcycling?
Upcycled materials are made from unwanted clothes that would otherwise go to landfills. 
Bucket hats brought to your crown by the Mind Of Kye !
Started as a passion project and became a piece I felt called to offer my community 
This unique, made to order piece could take up to 2 weeks to ship
Not made to be reversible
Questions are welcomed
Thank you for your support! 
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